NOVEMBER 16, JURMALA #1 Mobile Conference In The Baltics
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If you love mobile development DevFest Baltics is the conference for you! Carefully crafted by the GDG Baltics community you will feel a friendly atmosphere, hear some fresh and hot content and see worldwide known speakers!


New, hot topics about mobile development, Android and iOS, Mobile Crossplatform tools, UI/UX and prototyping, Internet of Things, VR and AR, bots, AI, ML and more!

DevFest Baltics 2018 in numbers

300 attendees
3 parallel tracks
15 great speakers


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Till Aug 5
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Till Oct 5
Till Nov 5

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Our speakers

Wojtek Kaliciński


Android Developer Advocate @Google

Zan Markan


Space Cowboy. Speaker. Immigrant. Developer avocado 🥑 Developer turned Evangelist @Pusher

Resul Caner Yildirim


UX Designer, Public Speaker, Tech Geek, Android enthusiast | Design Expert @GoogleDevExpert

Svyatoslav Scherbina


Developer in Kotlin/Native project @JetBrains

Pierluigi Rufo


Design lead @Snapp Mobile.

Yoichi Tagaya


Yoichi is the original author of Swinject, which is the first and most popular dependency injection framework written in and for Swift.

Cyril Mottier


Mobile Product Devsigner & Android expert. Product Engineering @Zenly/Snapchat.

Juhani Lehtimäki


Android GDE and Author of Smashing Android UI.

Marcos Placona


Android GDE and Developer Evangelist @Twilio.

Paul Hudson


Author of Hacking with Swift, Pro Swift, Swift Design Patterns.

John Sundell


Creator of "Swift by Sundell" — weekly blog about Swift development.

Marcin Krzyzanowski


iOS Ninja @PSPDFKit and a Crypto fellow.

Fernando Cejas


Developer Advocate @IBM. SoundCloud Alumni. Curious learner.


Saturday, November 17

Swift Design Patterns
Paul Hudson @twostraws

In this workshop you'll get hands-on examples of the most important patterns available to Swift developers, so you can try using them, re-using them, and refactoring them into your own work.

Migration from Java to Kotlin
Marcin Moskała @marcinmoskala

Kotlin is now the official language of Android development, first-class citizen on Spring and more and more popular alternative not only to Java but also to JavaScript. Learning it in one day? Impossible, but enough to lay the foundation. Let's explain everything that is needed to jump into Kotlin and to be able to enjoy learning it further. Let's move on with Kotlin!


How To Bring A Product To Reality In A Few Days
How a seamless cooperation can lead into a new wave of very rapid prototyping
// Juhani Lehtimaki, Pierluigi Rufo
Core ML for everyone
Create ML and Core ML provide a powerful duo that can add functionality to your app in just a few minutes
// Paul Hudson
IoT – Beyond prototyping
Will walk you through the process of turning a tangle of wires on a breadboard into a product
// Marcos Placona
Can The Material Design Live Long And Prosper?
Can Material Design solve our problems? Do we use it as it should be? How can we implement MD to our projects?
// Resul Caner Yildirim
Dependency Injection Pattern for iOS Apps
In this talk, the original author of Swinject, the most popular DI framework for Swift/iOS, will introduce DI pattern for iOS apps.
// Yoichi Tagaya
Superpowers of Property Delegation
Let's dive into possibilities that Kotlin delegation gives. Let’s discover property delegation and understand its superpowers.
// Marcin Moskała
The State of The Kotlin Ecosystem
Let's see what is the state of Kotlin nowadays and what is hot in the K universe.
// Zan Markan
Stories from the crypt(ography)
Let's learn how to encrypt, what is a cipher, how to use AES or message authentication and deep dive into basic cryptography.
// Marcin Krzyzanowski
Themes, styles & more: from zero to hero
Let's talk how to customize your Android application, reduce duplication in your code and make your styles cleaner.
// Cyril Mottier
Using Kotlin to share code between iOS and Android
Svyatoslav will share his knowledge about the state of Kotlin Native project from a first hand expirience.
// Svyatoslav Scherbina


What people say

Jurgis Kirsakmens

Jurgis Kirsakmens


Great talk at #DevFestBaltics by George Eid from @opticalcortex

Fernando Cejas

Fernando Cejas


Catching up with the #community at @devfestbaltics. Awesome #people. #dev #androiddev #devfestbaltics #DevFest17

Anastasiia Vixentael

Anastasiia Vixentael


Thank you for your time and questions 😻 You are very attentive audience!

Antonio Leiva

Antonio Leiva


It was awesome in many ways, but specially because of how the organizers treated us the speakers. I had never felt so warm.

Sergii Zhuk

Sergii Zhuk


Great conference #DevFestBaltics organized by @AlexeyBuzdin, @s_kibish, and #GDG teams #DevFest17




Thanks to all the organizers of #DevFestBaltics @gdgriga @gdgDaugavpils @GDGVilnius @GDGTartu & GDG Kaunas - really cool event! See you next time! 🚀

What to expect

Last year we had more than 200 participants. It was a big day full of different activities, contests and communications.

11 speakers from the different parts of the world shared their knowledge in the Android, iOS, Security and Design areas.

Massive afterparty in bowling where everyone had fun time enjoying the game and conversations.

Everyone got new knowledge and had fun! This year we expect even more of everything...

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